The Foundation’s Board currently has three independent members:

  • Mr. G.W.Ch. (Gerbrand) Visser, chairman
  • Mr. J.S.T. (Tjalling) Tiemstra
  • Mr. C.M. (Michiel) Jaski

The members of the Board hold the following positions.

The board’s chairman, Mr. G.W.Ch. Visser (1955) is an independent member of the Board. Mr. Visser was a civil-law / partner at Allen & Overy and subsequently affiliated with University of Groningen. He was member of daily management of Stichting Ubbo Emmius Fonds, the Groningen University Foundation and chairman of Stichting 'De Bron'. Currently, Mr. Visser is non-executive director of ParkLanse Insight B.V. and chairman of the board of Stichting Hartcentrum Twente.

Mr. J.S.T. Tiemstra (1952) is an independent member of the Board. Mr. Tiemstra is a (former) Supervisory Board member and director of various organizations.

Mr. C.M. Jaski (1959) is an independent member of the Board. Mr. Jaski is former CEO of Grondmij N.V. and before that Executive Board member of the stock listed company Arcadis N.V. Mr. Jaski Chairman Supervisory Board of Faber Halbersma Beheer, Unica and Rhoon, Pendrecht en Cortgene and als fullfills some other non-executive functions.